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"Hey, what's the commotion?" Asked Cecilia, walking in.
"Woah!" Mike yelled, seeing Ziggy clinging to a conscience Hunter. "I told you."
"Well, good thing we didn't bet...and that I agreed with you."
"Pfft." Mike rolled his eyes, "It's nice to see you well again, Hunter."
"Yeah," Hunter said, "It's good to see everyone...except Milo...and Ewan...and Annabelle...where are they?"
"No idea..."
The scent of smoke lingered in the air in the kids camp area. Milo woke up to the scent of it. He walked out of the cabin to examine, and found someone sitting on the roof of the cabin. "Hey." he said, recognising who it was, "Arn't you a little young to smoke?"

She turned, her hair flipping around. She held a ciggerette in her right hand, and maintained her balance with her left. "So what if I am?" She smirked at him, "Isn't it a little late for you?"

"Your cig woke me up... can I sit with you?"


So up on the roof of the cabin, Milo and Annabelle sat, her smoking a few ciggerettes, and him risking the cancer of second hand smoke to be with her.
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