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"Ugh." Milo said, waking up the next day. His whole body hurt, and the sun was glaring on his face. He then realized something was pushed against his side. Looking down, he saw Annabelle, her arms wrapped around his waist. "Hey," he said, nudging her shoulder, "Wake up."
She shuffled a little, than opened her eyes, and realized who she was snuggling with. "Oh snap." She let go quickly and backed away a little. They were still on the roof, they had fallen asleep there. "Did...we forget to go to bed?"
"I guess." This were now officially really awkward. "This is gonna sound weird, but did we do anything?"
"I don't know...I hope not." She looked at his eyes widen, "I mean, anything serious."
"Day three." Mike said, fiddling with a bowl of Apple Jacks in the main lodge.
"Are you keeping track of the days for a reason?" Asked Cecilia, who was next to him, eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes.
"Well, this tale is progressing quite quickly, and I want to savor camp while it lasts."
"Makes sense. How long is camp?"
"I don't know, a month? Maybe two?"
"And we hooked up the first day?"
"Damn... I'm quite proud."
"Agreed, Cee. Totally agreed."
Suddenly Hunter and Ziggy showed up, with their own cereal. "Hey guys," Hunter said.
"Hey," Cee replied, "Feeling better."
"Absolutly, do classes start today?"
"Yeah, I think so." Mike said, "Levitation class is at noon if I'm not mistaken."
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