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Tutorial: Reskinning a Weapon or Mask in 20 Easy Steps

How to reskin a Weapon/Mask

You need:
KotOR Tool

1. Extract the .mdl and .mdx of the model you want to use ( don't double click the model file in KT)
2. Read and write the model file you just extracted.
3. Open up the modelname-ascii with MDLOps.
4. Click 'renamer.'
5. Change the name on all of the parts to your texture name.
6. Click 'write model.'
7. In your model folder, find the file, modelname-k1-r-bin.mdl and modelname-k1-r-bin.mdx.
8. Delte modelname.mdl and modelname.mdx.
9. Rename modelname-k1-r-bin.mdl and modelname-k1-r-bin.mdx to modelname.mdl and modelname.mdx.
10. Drop the new files in your override folder.

(This part is so that the vibrosword that you started with won't show up with your texture)

11. Open up modelname.mdl from your override folder with MDLOps. Hit 'Read and Write.'
12. Click the Green NWMax icon on your desktop to open up NWMax in GMax.
13. On the NWMax tab, under MDL Loading, click browse. Look in override for modelname-ascii, hit 'Open'. Click 'Import Geom Only.'
14. Find the Aurora Base (blue line box), should be called whatever the original model you extracted is called.
Aurora Base

15. Rename it appropriately, eg. if it was named, w_vbroswrd001, name it w_vbroswrd056, or some such random number. Only use the last two numbers, because you can't have model number 684 or in the hundreds.
16. Select the Aurora base, and goto the modifiers tab. Click browse, and select the folder you want it to export to. Hit 'Export Geom Only.'
17. Open up MDLOps again, and find modelname.mdl in the folder you specified. Read and write it.
18. Delete modelname.mdl from the folder you specified, and change modelname-k1-bin to modelname.mdl, and change modelname-k1-bin.mdx to modelname.mdx.
19. If you didn't name the new model the same thing you did in steps 1-10, then delete them from your override folder. Dump the new ones into override.
20. Find you .uti for the item. Change the model number to the number that you made. Save the .uti and you should be finished. Also, find a corresponding icon in KT for your mask/weapon. For K1, it should be in KotOR I, ERFS/Texturepacks/gui/I. For TSL, it should be KotOR II, ERF's/Texturepacks/gui/I also. Extract it into override, and rename it to your model number. Then retexture it and save it, or you can just leave it untextured.

If anyone has trouble with these steps, contact me so that I can update and explain in better terms.

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