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It felt nice to get noticed for doing something right... too bad that moment was short lived. The female prisoner made another remark about him but was met with a punishment this time. Instead of the the normal twenty push-ups Shepard made it fifty. Rogue watched and enjoyed what the prisoner had to do. When she was done Shepard forced her to appologize to him which was nice of Shepard.

"Uh--yeah, I'm sorry for how I acted toward you, Rogue."

"and I'm sorry the admiral is so generous in her punishments," Rogue responded coldy.

On the thought of Shepard again she had not only saved him but stuck up for him. Rogue decided it was time to do something kind back

"Shepard I noticed your skills back in the fire fight. That rifle you had seemed to slow you down a bit. We do have an hour and within that time I could modify that rifle of yours to shoot faster and mroe powerful shots. Its the least I can do for you."

As Rogue waited for an answer he contacted his brothers and sent them a message

"000101010101010101000001111101010101010101010 101" translated to "Prothean articfact located near Parag, send troops for extraction now"
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