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Sorry if there are some mistakes, my mother annoyed me, I couldn't concentrate...
Edit: Today rained so bad, my melancholic level is so up- tho is am a melancholic guy.
Hm... If it continues, the next chapter will be with loads of direct description- I use description anyway, but indirect description, that results from actions, dialogs, ya know

Chapter 2:
The scars of war…

“No, I was just kidding…”
“Devril… Where’s my rifle?”
“Why? You wanna shot me? Sorry Lirissian, but you were sleeping too nice…”
“Devril…” The boy’s eyes roll up… “In the future, please, stop making premonitions…”
In the next second an explosion is heard on the complex.
A man screams his lungs out: “The Spiths are bombing us! Go for shelter!”
The door is opened and a tall, blond man with a short haircut walks in front of the boys…
“Captain Ulgo?”
“Boys, grab the gear and go in the central bunker. The damn Spiths are attacking us again!”
The boys take whatever they can and run for the bunker… But Lirissian stops, while Devril continues to run…
“Why did you stop?” says Devril before observing that Lirissian was trying to carry two injured soldiers… Devril offer his help, grabs one injured comrade and goes in the bunker.
“Captain, we’re sorry for the delay, but…” says Devril while pointing at the injured people…
The huge central bunker was almost empty… Only 15 soldiers and the captain survived the intense battles fought several weeks continuously.
“OK guys… We’re the only ones left. The others are either dead or wounded… The navy promised to release us from this camp, but we need to get through this first…”
Captain Trask Ulgo sighs, coughs several times and starts talking again: “We will abandon the camp… But only for several days… Take all the munitions, take all mortars, and all the supplies you can carry…But before we leave, we need to set traps, poison the water and the food that is left over, do anything that will weaken them… We need to be smart this time, they are many and this time they want to take the camp with any price… Try to stay to cover as much as possible while you’re setting traps and doing the other stuff. Meet me on the south side of the camp when you’re finished… We will leave in the forest.”
The boys exit the bunker…Lirissian blocks his eyes on a bomb standing next to an apple…
“Devril, instead of poisoning the food” says Lirissian “why don’t we hide explosives in them?”
“What? You want to blow up 3 Spiths instead of poisoning one with a fruit? You know, you’re really smart!”
“Not really… They all eat at the same time, right?”
“Who? The Spiths? The intel we had said so…Their Darts Olds order them strict regime. They always eat at 1400 …”
“If one of them eats one fruit and explodes, the other ones won’t do so…
I was thinking at using liquid explosives and detonating them at 1405.”
“I take my words back. You’re not smart, you’re a genius… “
“No wonder now why you are such a good pazaak player. Sorry for suspecting you of cheating… “says another soldier…
8 of the 15 soldiers including Lirissian and Devril plant liquid explosives in the food, while the other 7 gather ammo, supplies and place mines…
After they are finished, they place the dead bodies at random places, so the Sith will think they killed all the Republic Rangers with their bombing…
They meet with Captain Trask and they start making the preparations to head out in the forest 5 miles further south.
“Just in time, the Spiths are entering through the north gate. It will take them some time to search every building and room. They will be here in 3-4 hours… Cover your tracks and let’s leave…”
After they travel 2 miles, making sure they don’t leave anything behind that could expose them: “Devril?”
“It’s 1404”
Lirissian stops and takes some sort of a detonator from his bag.
A “boom” is heard across the sky and the 15 boys smile with meaning…
Next day the soldiers reach their destination, make a camp and set up a defense perimeter. The spot in the forest was perfect. The air was clean, a natural water pool was 5 steps from the camp and there were numerous medicine plants. Perfect place for recuperating.
While relaxing, some sort of alarm is heard…
“*Beep beep! Beep beep!* Droids activated. Running the “Search, Meet, Greet” programming.
“What the hell was that?” asks a soldier.
“Be on your guard!” replies another.
“Calm down boys!” says the captain. “That’s my datapad… The droids have been activated…”
“Well, I gathered all the droids in the base and placed them in the warehouse in the lower level. If the Spiths will find them, which they did seconds ago, the droids will start their patrol on the entire base complex. Let’s hope they will give them a very hard time …”
“But what droids were left in the warehouse?”
“Couple of Tank Droids, several Assault Droids Mark IV and some Utility Droids equipped with Gravity/Anti-gravity Generators, Radiation Emitters and Plasma Throwers.”

4th morning in the forest has arrived…
“Boys, listen up!We need to make some plans... I guess our little surprises have reduced the Spith’s numbers to half… Because of the lack of supplies, their remaining troops are weaker. But we must not underestimate them, they use specific Force techniques. We will not directly siege the base… Before I say more, please take this vaccination.”
Captain Ulgo pulls a metal case out of his bag. He opens the case and hands a vaccination to every one present there. He also reveals a gizka which he has hidden in a box.
“This gizka is infected with a sort of plague. It is inoffensive for him, but it’s very dangerous for almost every known intelligent creature in the galaxy. It slows the brain, it accelerates the metabolism, it weakens the senses. I am planning to release this gizka in the camp with the help of *this* flying droid.”
“Sir you’re full of surprises today!”
“Thanks Private Devril. But I need someone to fix the droid. Any suggestions?”
Devril approaches Lirissian and whispers in his ear: “ Lirissian, you are good at repairing droids and stuff…Why don’t ya…”
“No, Devril, you know it bores me!”
“Lirissian!” says Cpt. Trask. “Why don’t you fix it? I heard you are good at repairing droids and <<stuff>>…”
“Yes sir!”
Within an hour, the droid is repaired. The Cpt. puts the gizka inside the droid and programs it.
“This gizka will be very helpful! He should get a medal… Maybe I will give him one. But in several days more then 30 infected gizka will fool around in our base… How will I know who’s this one? Hm… Aha!” says Ulgo. He takes one knife and makes a hole in the gizka’s ear...
Soon after he releases the droid which flies in the direction of the base…

2 days after Cpt. Trask orders him men to prepare for leaving. The trip is a quiet one. Their supplies are more then enough, and the morale of the boys is high.
Next day at the evening they approach the stones that where outside the base, in the South-West direction.
“Boys, look!” says Ulgo pointing on the base’s defense wall. There were 20-30 people on that side of the wall. “Stay crouched, and walk alongside this rock so we can approach the base complex as much as possible before we are spotted. My sensor picked only these guys on the wall. That means there are none in the base. If they stand all here, they probably know we will attack them from this direction…
A loud chiming is heard from a soldier’s datapad.
“Shut that up!” yells the Cpt. “Wait one seco…” The soldier couldn’t end up his phrase. A blaster fire strokes his chest. Noise is heard from the wall. Burst of energy bolts are spread on the groups location…
“They got mounted heavy repeating-guns up there! Take cover!”
A general panic installs in the small group of soldiers.
“Devril, cover me!” says Lirissian while taking his Disruptor Sniper.
He quickly runs to another rock, climbs it, and aims one of the sith’s head.
One down! He reloads, aims, 2 down. 3, 4, 5… His ammo clip is done.
He forgot to take another. The boy takes from his Aratech belt a smoke grenade and puts up a smoke screen. He runs at the group of soldiers.
“Captain, take the boys run for cover on that big rock there. I’ll cover you!”
“Are you sure Caporal?” Instead of an answer, Lirissian shakes his head in a very decisive manner.
“Hm… Ok, but Devril will assist you!”
“Sir, yes sir!” replies Devril. The soldiers and the captain run towards the big rock east of their position. Lirissian reloads his Disruptor and thinks of a way to stimulate Devril.
“Devril, I bet I’ll headshoot more Spiths then you!”
“What’s the wage?”
“300 credits!”
“Ohoo! You’re on, city boy!”
But Lirissian kills 8 and Devril 6. Lirissian’s ammo is done again. Before he gets to ask Devril for another one his comlink beeps.
“Caporal, good news. The Navy blew up our cover trying to contact us. Admiral Onasi is en route with a freighter to pick us up. Hurry up and get here!”
“Yes sir!”
The boys head on for the Rock the rest of the soldiers were waiting. Only 30 meters until reach, but 3 Sith with a mutant Drexl larva show up.
“Lirissian, this is my lucky day! I take them all and I win the bet!”
“Devril, common! No time!” But Devril already shot 2 soldiers, but his ammo clip is also done. He tries to reload while the remaining Sith throws a frag grenade. Devril tries to dodge it but a shrapnel piece punches his chest and touches his heart. He dies instantaneously.
“Lirissian! Come on! The freighter is here!” yells a soldier. Lirissian turns his head towards the group of soldiers. They go mute immediately. The beautiful features Lirissian’s face has, had disappeared. Creases cover all the area around his eyes, and cuts deform his cheeks, though he wasn’t touched by shrapnel.
He quickly grabs his vibroblade, and runs with an unseen speed towards the Sith trooper. He punches the Sith’s helmet out of his head, and he stabs the poor Sith in the left side of the lower jaw. The Mutant Drexl strikes with his hand at Lirissian’s face, but Lirissian hardly dodges it.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaah!” screams Lirissian out of pain. He puts his left hand on the face, dodges the second slam of the monster and stabs the Drexl in his heart. Cpt. Trask Ulgo, goes to Lirissian and carries him to the freighter. The soldiers are picked up…
“Admiral, send this boy to the medical bay!”
“Good to see you to Trask!” says Onasi while helping the Captain with the injured…

Several days after the incident…
“Trask I have good news and bad news for you…”
“Caporal Lirissian Flaut is recuperating well. But he suffered severe facial injuries… At the moment, every muscle he moves, every word he speaks, brings with it a lot of pain. I am afraid that his shooting-and-holding-a-gun days in the army are over… But it could be much worse! The slam the monster gave left him with 3 scars. They start from the left upper part of the face and end at the lower right part of the face. The claws got 2-4 cm in his flesh. But, miracle, the nasal fosse and the eyes weren’t touched, though they should be! Until now he has recovered well and if he continues like this, he may join the army again as a tech, though he had his share of war scares. I have seen his large variety of skills. So overall, the news are good!”
“Thanks for the info Carth.” Trask stops and sighs: “He is a good kid.”

*Note: Chapter 8 is out!*
[Fic] The war of the ancients, seen through the eyes of one young men, as he walks the road of destiny... The Triumvirates War

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