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Everyone arrived at the beach in their swimsuits, and set their towels on the shore. Cecilia dipped her toe into the lake water. "Geeze." She said, walking in, "It's almost perfect."
Everyone else got in, and was having a good time. Lixa sat on the edge of the dock, her feet dangling in the water when she spoke up. "Hey Cee, arn't you hydrokinetic?"
"Yeah," Cee said, poking her head out of the water, "You wanna see something?"
"Oh cool, yeah." everyone else replied. Cee swam to a place where she could gain her footing. Placing two fingers on her forehead, she focused, causing the water to move. Suddenly, a stream of water shot in the air, and began dancing in the air, flowing like air. Then the stream shot at Mike, splashing him.
"Oh!" He yelled, "It's ON!" This started an all out splash war between the kids. Everyone was having fun until Billa looked at his watch. "Oh crap, you guys. Class starts in 15."
"Snap." Hunter said, "Let's go get dried up."
"Yeah." than everyone went and got dressed, la la la!
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