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"Yay!" Lixa said, "No when does the fun begin?"
"Soon, darling, I just need to make sure you all have your basic braining merit badges."
"..basic braining?" Ewan asked, "Uhh...explain."
"Oh dear, you haven't been to the coaches mind yet? I was sure you had."
"No, I haven't." Cee said, "None of us have."
"I'll have to get Morry right away. Then, as soon as you have your badge, you'll be ready to levitate!"
Milo sighed, "I was looking foreward to this too."
Milla stood up, and began to walk to the edge of the water, "You children stay here while I get Morceau. Be safe!" With that, she levitated off while the children sat, waiting on the floating dock.
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