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Location of the kids after re-braining

Does anyone know where the kids are after re-braining them? I came across a few:

Dogen: apologising to the squirrels for blowing them up (Cabins Area)
J.T and Chops: protecting the homestead and ridin' gun (Cabins area)
Kitty and Franke: Doing girly stuff in the girls cabin (Cabins area)
Quentin and Phobe: Drum practice ( Main lodge)
Clem and Crystal: Annoying the janitor (Not sure got the info from this forum but haven't tried yet) (Reception Area)

I can't find the others and I am a bit lazy.I personally don't enjoy exploring the camp at night. I hate the cougars, though they're easy to defeat with the spiked levitation ball.

Not sure but I think one of the faces in the sky at the asylum is of Fred Bonaparte.
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