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It was pretty good, it only rained three days out of the fourteen we were out there.

My father and I backpacked 150 miles of the AT (Appalachian Trail) in North Carolina and Tennessee (heading north).

When it did rain, it was solid, horizontal rain (with some hail, which we missed thankfully, though this German guy we met got hit with it) one day, with lots of fog so you couldn't see more than 20 feet. The other days weren't so bad because we had tree cover, though our boots (supposedly waterproof) got totally sogged, along with everything else.

I did have to stop on our day off and buy a new pair of hiking boots though, since my other pair were totally falling apart (served me faithfully for the last seven years or so before they gave out).

No bear attacks, no major accidents, and we meet some nice people on the way (though our first shuttle driver overcharged us).

I'm pretty much healed up from the ordeal (blisters, bug-bites, sore muscles).
; )

If you like the outdoors, I strongly urge you to try it, it's great fun. If we could take off just six months from school/work we could finish up the trail (2,180 miles aprox. from Georgia to Maine, though there's discussion about adding another 500+ miles up in Canada).

There's nothing like a trip out into the wilderness to make you appreciate the pampering we do in our "modern western civilization" here in the states.

Water that doesn't taste like Iodine, getting a shower every day that doesn't come from the sky... etc. ; )


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