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Taking off his helmet, coach revealed a small door on his forehead. It opened, and the 5 children warped into his head...
"Woah." Lixa said, "What's this?" They were all standing inside a sort of office, "Office Space? You're not gonna take my stapler are you, Lumbergh?"
"Shut it you ninny!" Yelled the coaches voice, a video of him projected onto a wall, "You see this picture of me? I want one of you sissypants to hit it! Yeah, hit it hard!"
There was a pause, then Hunter stepped foreward and hit the wall with his psychic fist. The whole room collapsed, revealing a war zone going around them.
"Well..." Cee said, "LET'S GO!" She grabbed Mike's arm and ran ahead of the rest of the group....
"Ugh!" Yelled Ziggy, "This sucks." She was climbing up the net wall, the area right above her just blew up.
"Don't worry," Hunter assured, from the top, "You're almost there. Besides, Mike and Cecilia are right in the minefield."
Running at full speed, Cecilia dodged the bullets flying at her and hid behind the stone wall where Mike was waiting, "Oh my god, when I get ahold of whoever is in that gun I swear I'm gonna kick his ass for killing these bunnies."
"Seriously," he agreed, "I want one."
"Yaahh!" Lixa said, Swinging on the pole. Fire was about to shoot out right in front of her, but she jumped anyway and made it sucessfully to the platform. She'd made it far by herself.
"Hunter...." Ziggy said, staring at the trapeze things hanging around
"Would now be a bad time to suddenly develop a fear of hights?"
Mike and Cecilia just stared at it, the blades circeling the barbed wire, and the meager planks they had to walk on. "Okay. Maybe if we take our time...." Cecilia started,
"I say we just run, Leeroy Jenkins style."
"That's stupid, you're stupid."
Than, Mike pushed Cee into the pit. A few seconds later, Cecilia respawned in the exact same place. She was not happy.
"WOO!!" Lixa yelled, reaching the end! "I made it!"
"Congradulations." said Hunter, Ziggy, Cee, and Mike at the same time.
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