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Originally Posted by po6ot View Post
Good idea. I'm also slightly worried that other conversations I've had may also affect other variables later in the game. I don't want to make a big inconsistency later :S.

I may just re-roll anyway, though I'm reluctant to do so, because I have put about 8 hours into it already.


In fact I will re-roll because it affected the game such that I missed certain encounter with my old characters.
Changing Revan's Gender and Alignment won't impact anything, as far as I can tell. I tested it using tk102's link and haven't run into any problems, though I think eventually, it may impact the ending a tiny bit, though I don't recall, as it's been two years since I played this last and I'm replaying it again because I wanted to see how much better KOTOR and TSL would be on my new PC, and I only have about 40 hours logged this time around.

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