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Ziggy noticed a boarded up door towards the left. Ziggy walked towards it and saw a small, scribbled sign on it.
"'The world won't taste my eggs'?" she said, confused.
"STAY AWAY FROM THAT DOOR, YOUNG LADY," Coach's voice boomed over the loudspeaker. She steped back towards the group, slightly frightened from the voice. He then suddenly apeared from nowhere.
"So you made it past basic braining, eh? Well fine, here ya go," Coach said as he passed out some badges. Some weird music started playing and then the group apeared back in the treehouse.
"Woah," Cee said," Trippy."
Bill and the others walked up and were laughing. Coach smirked at them.
"Well, since you skipped class, YOUNG LADY, I SUPPOSE YOU'LL HAVE TO DO THE COURSE, TWICE," He said, addressing bill.
"Oh geez."

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