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Even though Thrawn is a great villain (from Vilnius), we already know that he will survive as he still needs to make a small cameo in the Heir to the Empire (HttE) trilogy Plus, his genius lies more in fleet tactics and strategy, and would probably be more difficult to realize in a game about Jedi, since it's at such a lower, more personal scope, than capital ships.

Still, it could work with Thrawn as the mastermind over the Dark Jedi, as he was in HttE, but again, that too has been visited before. Plus, at least for me, I sort of feel more detached to that storyline. I mean, ya, there's the bad guy, and you want to kill him, but the emotional attachment isn't as strong, at least for me.

But maybe if Raven takes their time to present a Dark Jedi that we can really hate, or love, or sympathize with, then the emotional attachment - that thing that really pulls you into the story - will fall into place. I just don't want a cookie-cutter villain with lots of force powers to fight at the end of the game. I want to know him (or her), I want his motives to be complex and conflicting, I want it to be personal. If it's not, then it feels like I'm fighting just another Storm Trooper.

Oh, how about this: using the previous idea about Jan turning to the Dark side so that she can save her brother, what if Jan had to fight Kyle? That's about the biggest conflict those two could ever have! They both love each other, and now they must fight. Jan, trying to earn her brother's trust, must choose between her brother, and her love - Kyle. That would be pretty interesting

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