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My first question is this: are you planning an armored Soldier/Guardian build? That would be my impression, since you don't plan on using Force Powers or anything. It best fits the description as a tank.

That being said, it still pays off to get hit as few times as possible, as even with an 18 CON and the Toughness feats, the damage will add up in this game.

I've long thought about an armored Soldier/Guardian build. Here are a few suggestions off the top of my head (with some very minor and vague spoilers to follow):

Go with a 10 or 12 DEX. 12 is the highest you can go with a very, very powerful set of heavy armor. It's also impossible to miss this set so don't worry about that! A 12 DEX will give you the best protection naturally, but a 10 will allow you to wear a very good belt that will boost DEX by 2 (in addition to some other bonuses I won't spoil).

Go with a 14 WIS, and preferably a 14 CHA also. A 14 WIS doesn't cost any extra character creation points, and the Will saving throw bonus will be a welcome one (it's weak for both Soldiers and Guardians... not a good combination). The CHA isn't as important as the WIS, but it will help with Persuasion, as well as boosting your Force Points (but as said above, this probably won't matter much since you don't plan on using a lot of powers).

Start with an 8 INT. You don't need any higher, and only a 14 will give you more Skills to play with (which totally isn't worth it).

After that, boost STR and CON up as high as you can go. I suggest an even split since this game "charges more" for the higher stats. I suggest the level-up stats to go between these two stats. If you find that you seem to get hurt a lot, boost CON. If you find that you want to do more damage, boost STR.

As for feats, Toughness will keep you fighting even longer, but I doubt you'll actually need it. I like the Conditioning chain for you, since you want to boost that pitiful Will save any way you can.

Damn, talking about this makes me want to start up an armored Soldier/Guardian build!!!

ON EDIT: Ahh, you may as well screw CHA. Drop it to 8 like you originally had and get that STR and CON even higher. How persuasive should a hulking tank really be anyway?

As for whether or not this is a "good" build, I'd think it's a very effective build. You'll last forever in combat and easily rack up more kills than any other member of your party. I know you'll miss the Speed powers though. I'd definitely suggest taking Jolee with you so you can still have fun casting Force Powers around.

EDIT numero 2: Another good reason for the 14 WIS is that it's the stat related to Treat Injury, which is probably the only skill you'll be increasing while on Taris (and maybe after). CHA helps with the Cure power, which is almost always the first one I grab.

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