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The group made their way to the lake, while, Billa got death glares from everyone else.
"Alright, welcome to basic braining, ya sissys. You, with the glasses, hit my face hard," Coach's voice boomed over a speaker and his face apeared. Milo shrugged and stepped up to hit his face. No effect. Milo hit again, and the room seemed to rumble.
Annabelle put a hand on his shoulder and she punched the wall. It seemed to fly far off and the room colapsed.
"Nice shot, little girl," Coach's voice boomed over. "You sissys could learn from her!"
The boys all looked off in different directions and rolled their eyes.
"Christ," Bill whined while he crossed the mine field. "WHO THE HELL CAME UP WITH THIS MIND?"
"The writers," Ewan said, pulling himself up from the exploding wall.
Milo and Annabelle had just jumped into the cannon-gun and were crossing the platforms. Neither of them were really talking.
"S***!" Annabelle yelled out, as she lost her footing on a platform. Milo jumped towards her and grabbed her just in time. He pulled her up and she collasped on the platform, regaining her breath.
"T-thanks," She said.
Bill and Ewan were racing down the rails at the end of the mind. They punched whatever got in their way, and were about to reach the end, when Annabelle and Milo came flying past, knocking both boys off. They responned at the begging of the rails moments later.
After the guys got to the end, all four kids were waiting for the coach to show up.
"So, we saw you guys together earlier, what's up with that?" Ewan teased Milo and Anna.
"Shut up, little brother,"
"Hey, it's not my fault you and mike were born a few minutes before me,"
"QUIET MAGGOTS," Coach boomed, walking into the room. He gave out the badges, some music played, and they were out of the mind.
"Let's get to Milla's before the guys go in," Bill said, running off ahead. Everyone shrugged and followed him.
"...and that's what you do in case the party catches fire," Milla explained to the bored faces. Bill and the group apeared, out of breath, and colapesed on the dock.
"Oh.... Gott.... I'm dead," Bill said, causing everyone to giggle.
"How nice of you to join us darlings," Milla said, smiling. "Now we can all go into my mind."

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