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Originally posted by Vagabond:
<STRONG>Seriuosly though, surley the relationship between Kyle and Jan will progress or change in some fashion. I mean, The Empire Strikes Back, argued by many to be the best Star Wars movie, had a love story in it - between Han and Leia - it wasn't the focus of the movie, but it was there and it helped to progress the story. I just think something interesting should happen there. It doesn't have to be her going to the dark side, it doesn't have to be a love story, but something compelling would help pull you into the story.

Does anyone have any interesting ideas they'd like to share about this? Ideas not involving the Rhyming Family clans? </STRONG>
Yeah, I think you're right that the love story angle should be kept simmering in the background. It certainly shouldn't detract too much from the rest of the game. At the same time, the central story must be compelling.

Taking ESB as the example again, the plot in that film revolved mostly around Luke, and his confrontation with his father Vader. Luke had to come to terms with his origins, and Vader started the long arduous crawl back into the Light - or he would have killed his son without a thought. And, of course, Luke really began to learn how to become a Jedi. On the face of it, that doesn't seem like a compelling story, but it was the way in which it was told that captured the imagination.

What I'm trying to say is, there need not be a complex plotline to make JKII into a good game. On the other hand, I too would like to see some real substance to the storyline. If it was on a par with JK, that would probably be enough - especially if told through more scripted events, and interaction with NPCs.

As stated earlier, Lucasarts have not given Raven a very long development time for JKII, and bearing this in mind, I hope they will focus on fine-tuning the gameplay. The story has to be solid, although it could be simple, and I agree that the key villain at the very least should have some real depth.

We hated (or loved) Vader because he killed in one of his very first scenes. He kept on killing. Maul was weaker because we only ever saw him kill one person - Qui-Gon. He had no history of Evil for us to use as a reference point - and if anything, has become an even more popular character as a result because he had a cool lightsaber, flash moves, and a neat tattoo.

JKII's arch-villain should have a history of conflict and death. His/her path should be littered with corpses - and this should be made known up front, IMO, as it was with Vader. If we cannot see them killing in a cut scene, we should at least hear about some major catastrophe caused by them which has killed a great many.

Otherwise what is the compulsion to rid the universe of their foul stench?

As for the three books based on Dark Forces, you should definitely read them Vagabond. They add quite a bit to the original story, and show some insights into Kyle's father, Kyle's time as an Imperial, and Jan and Kyle's relationship. They also have some pretty cool art inside.
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