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Wilhuf, isn't Thrawn pretty much unknown until he shows up in Heir to the Empire? If Kyle confronts him now, then Kyle would have to be killed. If he survived, he'd obviously alert the New Republic about Thrawn's existence. Even though it would be neat to have Thrawn as the mastermind behind the Dark Jedi, I think Raven could run into some continuity problems if they take that path.

But I agree with StormHammer, the villain must be very strong - there must be a history and a compelling reason to hate, love, or otherwise relate to him. Whether it's by him hurting many unknown people, or hurting a few people close Kyle, he has to be clearly evil. Of course, this risks appearing cliche, but hey, this is a game about good and evil, so some of that's unavoidable.

Oh, and Storm,

I would even have to say that Jan could be expendable - although, in another way, I've come to think of her in a similar way to Wedge Antilles. A survivor. Someone who faces trials by fire, yet somehow, somehow manages to come through those trials.
Nicely said. To me, Wedge represents the hero of the common man. And while he avoids the spotlight, preferring to take a supporting role, this man of modest means has nonetheless achieved greatness, thus commanding our respect and admiration.

Regarding Jan, if she were to die, I would prefer her death be appropriatley meaningful, and not handled in a casual way. She is a well-liked character, after all.

Speaking for myself, I'd like to see her prominence elevated in JKII. This could lead to a spin-off of Jan Ors games, or even more JK games.

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