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Sorry, didn't mean to sound rude. When I said that was good sarcasm, I wasn't refering to a relationship between Jan and Kyle, I was refering to the weird Jan's bother/identical twin plots and what not it was getting a bit strange and convoluted for my tastes, but maybe that's just me. I'm a Spider-Man fan and five years ago they did a lot of convoluted things with Spidey and clones ::shivers run up my spine:: I'd rather not go back there. lol

As far as my oppinions about Kyle and Jan go, yes I definately see a potential relationship there, but I don't think it's anything the upcoming game needs to focus on. And I like Jan a lot more than Mara Jade. Besides, once you have two characters express their feelings about each other, you lose all of the tension. That's why you usually never see the big kiss till the end of the movie.

I think someone brought this up earlier, but if you want some good insights into the relationship between Jan and Kyle, pick up the first book, Soldier for the empire. It's actually a quality read. It's about Kyle during his imperial days as a young cadet, I highly reccomend it for any DF/JK fan. However, don't bother with the next two books, you're really better off just playing Jedi Knight again.

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