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The children were all warped into the door, and into her head. "Woah." Cee said, turning and staring at her surroundings. Everything was bright, poppy, and girly. "I'm gonna enjoy it here."
"Go ahead children," said Milla from a floating TV, "Go ahead and try to get to the top floor of the club."
Hopping on their levitation balls, the children all ran off.
"Look," Milo said, "Who are these guys?" He was pointing to some tall figures that were dancing.
"No idea," Annabelle said, walking up to one of them and poking them.
"Woah!" she yelled, "Total buzzkill!"
Meanwhile, Cecilia and Mike were at the other end of the platform dancing.
"This is fun." Mike said, "I'm glad we stopped."
"Totally." The lights were flashing around them, and she looked up. "Hey, what's that?" She was pointing to a small platform attached to the wall.
"Let's look." They both went up and levitated over to the platform. Looking inside, it was quite dark, unlike the mind. They looked at eachother, than proceeded in.
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