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Ok, this is either going to be a brilliant post, or long series of silly ideas, I'm really not sure...

I was just brainstorming on the whole villian thing, and I think I came up with a neat idea of who the villian should be, and there are several factors for my choice...

A. the villian needs to be a dark jedi. In a game about a Jedi knight, an evil Jedi makes for the perfect foil. Also, admit it, if this game doesn't end with a dramatic saber battle,on some level it'll be dissapointing.

B. We need to hate the villian because of some history of evil, and they need to have a good motivation for being evil.

C. There needs to be a darned good reason for Kyle to come out of retirement and risk fallling to the darkside. If it were just any old bad guy with a take over the galaxy scheme, Luke would take care of it, why should Kyle get involved?

I've mulled all of these things over, and I've come up with.... Saris from JK!! Why??

Well obviously, she's a dark Jedi. That fits requirement one.

Being that she's a villian from JK (Jerek's right hand girl), we have a history with Saris. She's tried to corrupt Kyle to the dark side before, she could try to do so again.

And as far as motive? being that Kyle nearly killed her in battle, (I'm figuring we can say she survived somehow) she'd have adequate motive for revenge. Hell, give her a big scar across her face/chest from her battle with Kyle, and that doubles the need for revenge.

Ok, now here's where I really get fancy and where I tie things neatly into the topic for this post, and also where I start worrying if it's getting too silly...

Kyle needs to have adequate motive for coming out of retierment, right? Here I go... Now that we know Jan's in the game, everyone's speculating on wether or not they should hook up. Wellll this does take place 4 - 5 years after JK, what if... Kyle and Jan have already hooked up. Kyle settles down for a nice quiet life with Jan back on sullust on his father's farm and started a family. Saris, recouperated, sees the time is ripe for revenge. In an opening cutscene Saris (who we see has scars across her face) and some troops bust into the Katarn farm destroying equipment, and furniture. Catching him off guard she could kick Kyle around a bit (very good for making her seem tough, and even more powerful) Then she either...

A. kills Kyle's family, leaving him alive just so he can suffer, and giving him some great motive to get back into gear and getting some revenge himself. His need for revenge could play on a theme of Kyle being on the verge of falling to the darkside. The only reason I don't go ith this option is because I'm rather fond of Jan butt never fear, there's also...

B. or, in getting revenge, knowing he'll likely grow to be strong in the force, she kidnaps Kyle's young child in hopes of raising him to be her dark jedi apprentice. (them Dark Jedi just love having somebody to mold in their image) this also gives Kyle adequate motive to get back into the Jedi gig. The only flaw I see, is why wouldn't Saris just kill him then and their. Maybe a last minute escape with Jan??

I know, long post, I'm sorry what do you think??

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