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A story that is more personal to Kyle would probably make a good deal of sense, Wanderer.

As we know, Kyle has forsaken the Force for fear of turning to the Dark Side. He would need a powerful motive to return to the life of a Jedi. As someone else asked previously, why isn't Luke or the Jedi from his academy taking care of this particular problem?

The only reason I can think of is that the new threat has ties to Kyle's past in some fashion, and he decides that he must confront his past without Luke's assistance.

Or, if there are no ties to his past, then perhaps the threat becomes more personal - as you suggested, a member of his family is killed or taken, and so he undertakes a quest either for revenge or for the salvation of whoever was taken. Of course, if it is revenge, there is the danger of him turning to the Dark Side once more...
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