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The Wanderer, the idea about Kyle's child being taken with the intention of turning him to the dark side is very interesting. It falls within the tradition of Star Wars. Even Vader said that Obi-Wan was wise to hide Luke and Leia from him, the implied threat being that they would have been easy to turn to the dark side at an early age.

StormHammer, I agree, there must be a huge motivation for Kyle to risk turning himself to the dark side. His child being captured could easily do it. So would his devotion to any imperiled friends or loved ones.

Could it also be his sense of responsibility? Perhaps a past student of his has turned to the dark side, and now he reluctantly feels it is his duty to confront his fallen student and either bring him back to the light, or destroy him. It's a task that he despises, yet knows that he alone, as the student's master, must deal with it. If so, then who would the student be? Someone old? Someone new? Someone borrowed? Someone blue?

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