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Ok, so Thrawn hires Sarris to kidnap Kyle Jr. to suck the jedi juice out of him. HOW will they get a teen rating on THAT? Sounds a bit Wilhuf to me.

Seriously though, I like the kidnapping idea. It's completely consistent with the whole 'turn to the dark side, family feud' Star Wars theme.

Now, Luke turns away from the Force because he doesn't want it to be a 'crutch,' or unfair advantage. So, perhaps Kyle has the same attitude. He simply settles down with his family for a quiet life on Sulon.

BTW another option is that Sarris kills Kyle's son. First Kyle loses his father, and now his son. The sorrow and the pity. So Kyle gets back on the revenge trail, and is ready to suck the life out of Sarris.

Or perhaps Kyle (played by Jason Priestly) has a son with Sarris (played by Barbara Streisand), and this of course angers Jan (Kyle's wife, played by Michelle Yeoh). So Jan kills Kyle Jr. (Adam Sandler) and Sarris gets medieval on Jan. Kyle simply watches the melee, shouting out 'REEEOWWR!! CAT FIGHT!!'


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