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That's a bit to Wihufian for my tastes. BTW in the light side path in JK do they heavily imply that Yun died a light-side Jedi or not, I missed that cut-scene(stupid phone call). Then again who's to say that Yun died, so we have Yun(played by Chow Yun Fat) and the new Kyle(played by Jet Li)busting out fat moves against the villian of the piece the evil Wookie Dark Jedi Spewbacca who's holding Jan Ors(played by Michelle Yeoh)in his secret base on(insert Planet name here). So Yun and Kyle go off to rescue him.Better yet scratch the Wookie, the evil Jedi is played by Keanu Reeves who dresses in shirt,tie and long coat type deal.And don't forget that the Dark Jedi will be fast, insert shot of Yun and Kyle emptying the blasters at dark Jedi (start bullet time)who dodges with ease their blasts of energy(stop bullet time), oh yeah that's the ticket.

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