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Mixing up the gameplay

Okay this may have been covered already but I started thinking more about the combat engine for the previous Knights games and came up with an idea for improvements:

Lightsabers and vibroblades are not the only weapons in the game. Blasters are used, and if theres one place I'd want to change the gameplay in, it was with the guns. I think you'd agree that M.E. had a pretty good combat engine, so why not give players that in KoTOR when using blasters. I think I'd have more fun taking out sith when using blasters if I could move my joystick to target them and pull the trigger myself than wait for the D-20 engine to calculate and decide whether or not I hit them.

The D-20 system is great, and when it comes to melee combat, I don't know what could be done to improve it or change it. I would like it to be able to control the swing of my saber. Though one way I could think of improvement is in the visuals when changing styles.

In the previous games when you'd change styles all that changed was the calculations, the visuals did not. My idea is that they take the engine from Jade Empire so that your PC changes his/her movements when fighting. Say you change from Shii Cho to Soresu, you're character would then change their stance and combat movements.

Those are just some things I've been thinking about. What are your ideas?

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