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"That would be absolutely fabulous," replied Shepard. "I may have missed you during my little 'Blitz' in the Citadel Tower because of my rifle, but when hostile entities come our way, I don't want my shot to be off." She unsheathed her Teravolt VI pistol from the weapon pack that she always carried slung across her back and handed it over to the geth. Rogue gave a nod of acknowledgment and headed toward the machine lab.

Even more quickly than she had expected (or had she just been dozing off?), the Admiral heard Joker speaking through the NORMANDY intercom: "We should touch down on Eden Prime very soon. I'm picking up some strange readings, though: thick clouds of smog and pollution in the atmosphere, most likely industrial. Hmm...Seems like this planet isn't quite the paradise it used to be, even before Saren and the geth he commandeered landed."

"Liara?" asked Shepard, beckoning to her first mate. "Have you heard about anything strange going on in regards to Eden Prime?" The asari shook her head. "If it was being used for recently-discovered natural resources, the Citadel computer consoles should have mentioned something about it. Every holonews channel prides itself on being up-to-the-second, so if something that could impact Citadel Space economics was happening...I don't like it."

"Neither do I," said Liara, and then she jerked her head toward the left. Lux Ixlee was approaching the both of them, and she took a step backward. Being a diplomat, she normally would not have been so hesitant and so eager to get away from anyone, but this prisoner was an entirely different matter.

"Admiral?" asked Lux. "I--wanted to personally apologize to you, more fully than I did last time, for my rude remarks. I've always been quick to shoot off at the mouth, which is more like an automatic revolver than a slowly-firing cannon. I've been thinking about what I said at the prison compared to what I've said now, and I'm sure not doing a good job of redeeming myself, am I?"

"It's okay, Lux," replied Shepard, patting the tall prisoner on the shoulder lightly, "but if I were you, the next time Rogue needs oiling or polishing after a skirmish, I'd make it up to him." She smiled. "Dismissed, Ixlee. Thank you."
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