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"Why would anyone anyone be interested in this godforsaken rock?" Snake asked to Garrus "The geth tore the fertile land to pieces during the attack in the whole ordeal with the reapers."

"Well apperently, ExoGeni and other companies see something in this planet so to them, staking a claim on this planet is like... how would you say it...?" Garrus replied back.


"Yes... between you and me Dave, I think whoever gets full rights to this planet is going to send their company straight to hell."

"Yup..." said Snake as he sat down and pulled out a pack of cigarrettes. He stuck one in his mouth and offered one to Garrus.

"I hear those are bad for your health..."

"Build ups of flem in the throat, tar in your lungs followed by a bad cough" Snake said as he lit up the one in his mouth. "My favourite brand." He finished his cigarrette and put it out. "Why don't you recommend me to the spectres?" Snake asked as he got back on his feet.

"Because I don't think you're good enough." Garrus replied.

"Sneaking into a base the size of a city, single handedly destroying a battle tank that can nuke a planet and you don't think that's good enough?" boasted Snake.

"Okay, I think you're good enough, but I don't know that you're good enough. We've only been together for some small time missions. Lets just finish this one, okay?"

"Pfft, I'd make a great spectre."

"Says you. Let's get back the spaceport, we're done here."

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