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Originally Posted by Zarnik View Post
Hi, I just installed jedi knight 2 outcast after some years of not playing it. I have got a new computer since I played it last time. And everything works fine, single player works perfect but I have already beaten the game...-_-

So I wanna play online in multiplayer mode. But when I try to get a new server list from the multiplayer menu it loads a few seconds then none appear. I have already enabled the program through my firewall and my virus programs. But they still donīt appear.

This is really annoying, anyone know what I can do. By the way Iīm using vista 32 bit and I got a router...hope itīs not the router itīs wrong with...>_>

at the top it says LAN or something like that click it till it goes to internet. then get a new server list. try that
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