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Originally Posted by correllian_thug View Post
i load LF up and i get a message saying the Admins have banned my I.P. now to my knowledge i hadnt done anything and certainly never gotten any warning
so basically its randomly blocking and allowing me back on. i was wondering if there was a known reason for this. and also is this happening to anyone else?
IP bans aren't specific to a member account, they block all connection attempt from a particular range of network addresses. In this case you are most likely using the same internet service provider as someone who has been causing trouble in the past. Many ISPs allocate dynamic IP addresses that may change every time you connect to the Internet. Thus you sometimes end up with a blocked address, and sometimes you end up with an address outside the range.

After checking the IP ban filter the address range you get caught in is very broad. I've narrowed it down a bit, hopefully that should fix your problem.
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