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Chapter 3:
“You’re recruited!”

“18th, July, 21.051 A.F.R

Back on Coruscant! After 3 years and a half of constant fighting, I’m happy I will actually sleep in a cozy room, in a nice bed… But I fear the relaxation won’t please me too much, as every nerve orders me to take the first ship to Onderon, to the battlefield. Cpt. Trask says that in one standard month, I could rejoin the army as a tech…
But that won’t please me for too long either. Though it’s terrifying, the Mandalorian drops of blood that rushes through my veins steer me towards the frontline.
Maybe I will get that chance. Some republic Officers are here to recruit soldiers for a special infantry division… But I guess they will start recruiting August and until then I plan on going to my home, to Serroco next week… But the doctor said I won’t go, unless my scars are better. But they will be, after all, my mother was half Stereb.
Tomorrow I must go to the Senate alongside other veterans, to receive money for the “services we have brought to the Republic” during the war. But I guess they will give 1000 credits per each veteran, because the Republic doesn’t have the wealthy it had decades ago, after all we are at war and”
… but the boy doesn’t finish his phrase. He drops the pen and yawns. His eyes slowly close and his bronze pupils are covered. A powerful sleeping sensation strikes him… He tries to resist, but he’s too tired. So he gives up… and sleeps…
A boy with creases and cuts… A boy with an anger which can be more destructive then any war machine. A boy that now rushes to an enemy. The Sith fires a couple of times, but the panic ate his courage and ability to aim. His fear grows, as he sees the devil-like boy approaching… The boy punches him. And though the punch should’ve been like a slap, the fist blows the sith’s helmet off his head. And as he sees the vibrating blade approaching his face, he thinks, that maybe he deserves the death he will have. And as he feels for fractions of seconds the blade carving through his flesh, he wants the boy to feel the same pain he feels…
But everything goes black… Against the blackness stays a faint light… which grows and expands… and disturbs Lirissian’s eyes and the sleep …
He wakes up, blinded by sun razes who fall directly upon his eyes…
“Damn… I’m getting tired of dreaming that again and again…
Three hours later he’s at the main Senate entry. A lot of people were already in, but there was a lot of agitation at the 2nd entry. Lirissian looks at the watch with a lot of interest. He thinks and sighs… “I’m almost late. If I check that out I won’t get anything…” So he makes one more step towards the main entry… But something inside him squirms and twists. And he knows why. He’s gut feeling tells him to go to the second entry. He tries to find a reason to go, but he finds none, except to always present curiosity. But he makes the decision and goes there.

He reaches the second entry and he has a surprise…
“Guess I was wrong… The recruitment applications are made today.” There were a lot of people there waiting for their turn, and there were only 7 officers to deal with the application. He politely asks one soldier how this recruitment thing works.
“Take this paper and fill in the required information. Then wait for your turn and go to one of the officers” replies the soldier.
“Any time…and…er… where did you got that scar from?”
“A… swoop accident… Yeah! A swoop accident!” The soldier doesn’t say anything this time. Lirissian fills the paper and goes to wait for the third officer.
An angry man comes from the officer and grumps: “Damn this officer! He rejected almost everyone! The Republic should look closer at what persons they assign jobs!” In that moment Lirissian thinks this is his worst day. “I lost 1000 credits and I’m about to be rejected from recruitment”
Soon his time to be “rejected” has come:
“My name is…” he tries to say…
“Give me the damn paper, I don’t have the whole day!” says an irritating voice. “Home world: Serroco! Hmpf! I never understood those Serrocoans, standing on the same planet with those hairless wookies… Sterebs I think it’s their names.” In this moment Lirissian’s only wish is to crack the officer’s skull. He’s grandfather was a Stereb. He’s mother was a half-breed. “Hmpf, here it says your grandfather was a Stereb. That would explain why you are so ugly!” Lirissian efforts to remain calm are even more stretched. But deep inside he laughs, because he knows that his scars make him look unpleasant, but even with his scars, he is much more beautiful then the short, loud-mouthed, arrogant gnome that stand in his front.
“What’s with those scars? A drexl tried the density of your flesh?” The officer remains silent for a couple of seconds and asks: “So you traveled to Onderon? Cauze that’s the only place you could get those scars… Why? That’s the main battleground!”
But before Lirissian answers: “Here says that you joined the Onderonian Resistance at 14. Hm… Let me check something.” He stands up from his chair and goes to one of the soldiers. The soldier leaves and returns 2 minutes later.
“Ok, mister Flaut, let’s get back to our discussions!” Lirissian was stunned. The only thought he had in mind was if he is dreaming… Did the annoying officer called him “mister”? That must be a mistake!
“I checked you background. Your father was a Mandalorian captain your mother a Stereb half-breed. Please tell me about this”
“Well, before the nuclear bombing at Serroco, my father met my mother. Despite her blood, she was a very beautiful woman. My father fell in love with her, and took her in his ship before the bombing.”
“But now you are an orphan…”
“My father was from the Ordo clan… As you know, the Mandalorians helped Queen Talia in the Onderonian Civil war. So the Queen helped the Mandalorians to gain strength. When the Sith attacked Onderon, my father, Bralor Ordo, was dispatched by the orders of Mandalore Canderous Ordo on Onderon. Meanwhile I was with my mother Telos IV. My father asked my mother to come to Onderon, so she can use her medical skills. After one month, they both died when the Sith bombed Izis. So I entered in the Resistance. Soon after Cpt. Trask Ulgo found me and took me in the Republic Rangers…”
“The scar?” asks the officer.
“I got it when I…”
“…tried to kill a drexl with a vibro-knife. I know that. I was asking how it feels? Does it still hurt?”
Lirissian was convinced! He was indeed dreaming! “It still hurts, but I have an substance that frees me of pain for a couple of hours.”
The officer thinks for a couple of minutes, then he smiles and with a pleasant and warm voice he says: “Kid, I think you can handle yourself… You’re recruited!”

*Note: Chapter 8 is out!*
[Fic] The war of the ancients, seen through the eyes of one young men, as he walks the road of destiny... The Triumvirates War

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