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Originally Posted by Arcesious View Post

Hydroelectric (We've got lots of water... And we can use hydroelectric power to power other energy producing systems.)
Solar and Microwave (Microwave power is the perfected form of Solar power.)
Although these would be great to have, the sheer cost of sending a satelite into orbit to collect solar energy would be many times more than just using 'standard' photovoltaic cells for the same amount of energy. Even if conventional solar is unreliable, it would be more desirable to just spend the capital investment on conventional solar.

Hydroelectric has other environmental impacts that would almost negate the benefits that a dam would provide. Certain dams, such as Hoover, Three Gorges, and the Nile's are ideal because the power they supply and the flood prevention they provide. In addition, there are only so many rivers that are suitable for power stations. They would never provide more than 10% of America's energy at the most.
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