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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
That is precisely the point. You don't abandon short term solutions trying to chase the "perfect" longer terms ones. The energy grid of the US is to big to just switch to patchwork solar and wind solutions. Not even sure I like the idea of govt programs for alternative energy solutions b/c govt is notoriously inefficient and thus would tie up great sums of money that could be put to better use elsewhere. I find it odd that people are quick to crucify "big oil" (ie the private sector), but are too willing to give govt a pass on it's own incompetence and self-serving greed (usually embracing the old "my guy is ok, but the rest of them are corrupt as hell").
I agree with you on this. Many Americans think the way of the future is hydrogen and ethanol. If they stepped back and realized that 100% of America's corn crops would only alleviate 15% of our energy needs, then you've sacrificed all agricultural production for a fraction of what it would have been worth. As ethanol production rises, food prices rise because of the opportunity costs that were lost to the ethanol.

Americans must start embracing the realization that the future of energy is going to be painful one way or another. With nuclear and renewables, we would at least be able to take a foothold on our energy supplies.
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