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Ziggy, Bill, and Hunter were all just floating around, until they heard a scream from a room. They saw Mike and Cee run towards it, so they shrugged and went in themselves.
Everyone was gone, causing the small group to shutter.
"Uh... toys?" Hunter asked, picking up a bear.
"Darlings, please get out of there. This room is a party killer," Milla's voice said over the loudspeaker.
They all turned their attention towards a toybox in the cornor. Ziggy walked up and opened it, reveiling an errie red and orange light. Ziggy looked down into the box, and screamed. She was somehow sucked into the box, causing Hunter and Bill to jump in after her.
"Oh... gott," Bill said, looking around at the creepy things. He then noticed Lixa, Cee, and Mike on the other side, slightly scared and shocked expressions on their faces.
"What the hell is this?" Hunter muttered, helping Ziggy off the ground.
"Miiiiiilla, why didn't you help us..."they all seemed to be cooing.
"Why did you let us diiie...."
"Okay, let me out of here," Ziggy said, slinking to the floor again, trying to cover her ears. The voices seemed to be in their heads, causing a sickening to Ziggy.
"alright," Hunter said, picking Ziggy up, who was still trying to cover her ears and was scrunching her eyes shut. He called for Bill and the three got out of the room.
"What the god was that?" Hunter asked, putting Ziggy down.
Bill, who had his back to the two, turned around, reveiling crying. He wiped his eyes and shock his head.
"Umm, c'mon guys, let's get back to finding the top," Ziggy said, placing a comforting hand on Bill's shoulder.

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