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Originally Posted by El Sitherino View Post
Also, I propose funding into magnetic propulsion. (Energy that will truely never run out until the end of the universe)
That would be a pretty good idea. I think that would work pretty well to tell you the truth.


Hmmm, I think that more hydroelectric energy is a wonderful idea. I have had an opportunity to visit the Hoover Dam, and I learned quite a bit about it. The Dam provides a respectable amount of energy to surrounding areas and cities. I think that we should build more dams in opportune areas. However, it would take several years (at least) to build and get operational. I think, that in the long run, it could help, though.

Solar Energy-- I also think that it is a good idea. I mean, we do, and will, have the Sun now, and for many years to come. Why not utilize what it it offers to us? It is very much renewable. I think that Solar Satellite would be a good idea. However, it is just so darn expensive. Nearly anything that uses solar energy is expensive. I think that it would be a good idea though. However, we can't just have ideas, we have to have solutions.

Wind--Wind power currently produces about 1% of the world's electricity use. That is just the thing, it is mainly used to make electricity. Anything helps though. This emmits not pollution, greenhouse gasses, ect. It is also very renewable. The thing is, there are not enough turbines out there to produce more energy than it is, or it is just doesn't produce enough energy.

There is also Tidal Power-- Could really help with energy electricity wise. Waves are more predictable than wind.

Offshore Drilling-- as we all know, it can be very destructive to the environment. I am kinda split in the middle with this one actually. If we could drill offshore responsibly (if there is even such a thing), then I think that we should. Gas is over $4.00 per/gallon! It is effecting everyone. We need to do something about it. As we all know, we ultimately, need to stop using it in such quantities. The United States consumes about 400 million gallons of gas in one day! If there is a responsible way of drilling offshore, and in places like Alaska, which is one of the last truly 'wild' places in the U.S, then I so go for it.

As I said earlier, we can't just have ideas right now, we need solutions. Just my

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