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A little help with using this? Please?


Could you please explain how you get this to work? I read on a modding forum on Filefront that this tool is essential for compiling .nss files into .ncs ones so that dialogue(.dlk) files can execute them, yes?

Well, according to the compiler's readme, the compiler files(.exe and .bat) go in the Kotor II maiin folder, and will compile all .nss files present in the Override folder. I've got that right, yes?

Well, I double-clicked the compiler's .exe file, but that did nothing at all. So I did the same to the .bat file. It threw up a window saying that it's unable to find Neverwinter Nights(I know, it uses the same sourcecode as the NW compiler, but I'm assuming I don't need to own that game as well to use this), and it said "press any key to continue..."

...So I did, and the window closed. It hasn't done anytthing to the .nss file, and no new .ncs file has been created.

Can you help please?

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