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Rogue quickly moved to the machine lab and began fixing up Shepard's assault rifle. It took him a matter of thirty minutes to make it shoot faster and much more accurately. He still had another thirty minutes to kill so he created a shielding device similar to his own but was different in its own way. This device could be attached to any sort of armor and would sense when the armor's shielding as down; at that point this shielding type would go off.

"Shepard will be proud of this," said a voice in his head that sounded like him.

"She's nothing more than a human, get over it," said another voice in his head.

Up until now he realized CHAOS had not spoken in a long time, he must have fused with the program somehow giving him this ability of feeling.

"However," the second voice continued, "we need shepard alive for now so I agree in giving it to her."

After finishing with the battle in his head he returned back to the group at the right time. They exited the ship and were stopped by the human prisoner. After another short walk they approached an VI, perhaps for information. The VI would not speak or could not speak to organics, Rogue couldn't tell.

"I'll overload you," mumbled Shepard, who turned to Rogue. "Your honor."

"Um, Shepard, if you don't mind, I think my skills would be best suited here,I can easily...'question' the VI and get answers far fast and with less retort." replied Kallic.

"This VI is not the best out there Shepard, I can get you whatever information you want, without upsetting th VI like our friend Kallic plans to do." Rogue placed a hand on her shoulder and put the device on her back very gently. "I can do this Shepard, just tell me exactly what you want and I can get it for you."
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