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Hi, HazardX.

Thanks for replying.

Hmmm. Not sure if it works for KotoR II you say. Well, I followed a link from a TSL modding forum to this very thread. The link said that this tool of yours is what one has to use in order to compile scripts... so it led me to conjecture that KotoR II scripters have been using it.

I guess if not, it begs the question, what tool DO KotoR II scripters use for compiling their .nss files into .ncs ones?

In the sticky of THIS forum, there's a link to a tool by Fred Tatra. I found it AFTER trying with your tool, which is why I haven't yet posted in his thread, as I was waiting for a reply in here. In any case, I know that his tool IS designed for KotoR II... but using his program I still had no success. It seems to do nothing at all. I followed his instructions to the best of my ability - though I must confess I found a great deal of what's written in that thread fairly incomprehensible - but once again, running the .exe did nothing, and the running the .bat just says it can't find any files, not even the game.
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