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Originally Posted by Relenzo2 View Post
Waves are almost perfectly reliable. Nuclear power, most of the enviornmental concern is magnified some I'm sure because ever since Hiroshima, "Nuclear" has been an unneccesarily scary word. Wind power can actually be pretty predictably AND fairly profitable if you can get your windmills up in the right spots, which is the hard part. I just wanna' kick all those people who say that those windmills are "Visual pollution". They don't seem to be complaining much about skylines.
I agree with most of the above post. Wind, solar, and water energy are all fairly predictable. However, I would avoid nuclear power if possible. I'd prefer cleaner types of energy, but I'd take nuclear over coal/oil any day.

As for the "visual pollution," that's just an excuse (at least, to me). The skyscrapers are more of a damage to the environment than the windmills are. Those that use the term "visual pollution" are trying to combine a word with a negative-sound (pollution has become a term of icky-stuff, nowadays). It's like the term "tree-hugger."
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