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Gamespot, IGN, 1UP, and GameSpy have all run articles on their impressions of BioWare's Dragon Age as of E3 2008 detailing information on combat to the game's dialogue system (more KotOR than Mass Effect, according to IGN).

The combat system looks like a close-up Baldur's Gate style of combat, as you can pause the game at any time, give orders, and then unpause the game and watch the action unfold. What's important is using tactics. In this case, a shield bash to stun an opponent and then toggling assault, which orders up four rapid sword strikes. Magic effects the environment, so the heroes rushed into a trap with the floor covered in grease and the enemy lit it with fire. The elf magic user used a blizzard spell to extinguish the blaze. It's important to use teamwork and coordinate attacks, so you'll use pause-and-play quite a bit, just like in Baldur's Gate. -- News and features will be returning shortly...

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