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(well then, dispite this being an awkward day in RD, i'm keeping the ball rolling)
The trio made their way towards a pinball-launching looking machine.... and they would be the pinballs.
"Um, no," Bill said, starring in disbelief.
"Um yes," Ziggy said, shoving Bill onto the spring thing before they were mauled by censers. She then made Hunter go, although he seemed more calm. Then it came her turn, and she went. But fell, missing the platform.
"Arg, dammit," she yelled, falling onto the track by censers. Bill was laughing, while Hunter watched her get up.
"You forgot to psi float! Hey, watch for censers," he yelled, while a group made their way towards her. Bill noticed while he was laughing a big purple button.
"Eh? Whats this?" he said, pressing it. Ziggy somehow flew up to the platform, screaming.
"Kickpoint activated!" boomed over the speakers. Ziggy glared at Bill, who was trying not to laugh.

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