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"Ask 'Ona' if she knows anything about any Prothean artifacts or technology that might be down on the surface of Eden Prime.

Rogue was quick to make a move and faced the VI that stood infront of him. He began to speak to the VI through binary code; to organics it would sound like he was making weird chirping like noises.

"0101010101111101010101010101010101010101010101011 10001010101010101010101010100010101010101010101010 0000111010101010100111000010101010101010101" (Translation)

"My name is unit 343117 aka Rogue, and I am allying myself with these organics. We seek a certain Prothean artifact and require your help. Would you know if any Prothean artifact or perhaps technology that would be present here on Eden Prime?"

Rogue flicked a small device in his head that allowed him to detect vocal patterns. He set it to the VI setting waiting for her response. If she was lying to him, he would know.

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