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Ona cleared her mechanical 'throat' and began speaking rapidly in binary to Rogue. "The Prothean artifact, sir, is ironically hidden in plain sight. The VeriTech corporation, which makes highly-advanced surveillance and monitoring equipment, thought that a Prothean znamya was just a flagpole. being mere organics and not synthetics like us. They did not realize the worth of what they had found in the rubble here on Eden Prime. Being primarily interested in the practical value of such a flagpole, they rigged it up with their emblem: a black V in the shape of binoculars, with staring eyes. Take the znamya, by force if you have to, and view what is on the mesh screen. It will help point you in the direction of the Reapers, and I hope that all goes well with your mission, sir." Ona smiled and turned to the others.

Shepard smiled back and motioned for Rogue, Bastion, Liara, Lux, and Kallic to follow her around the corner of the nearest wall. "What did she say?"
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