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"Hiya," Hunter yelled, and lixa sat down.
"Where the hell are the others?" Bill asked, pulling his nail file out of his pocket.
"The more important question, why do you carry a nail file?" Ziggy said.
"I need to look good."
"It's true," Hunter said. "Back in Germany last year, he was probably prettier than most of the girls."
"....he still is," Lixa said, giggling.
"Are German girls ugly then?" Ziggy asked, causing Bill to spaz.
"Jeez Billa, stop PMSing all over us," Hunter sang.
"Ah, I kid, I kid Bill. You're the pretty twin," Ziggy said, causing Hunter to frown. She whispered something in his ear, and he blushed.
And out of nowhere, Ewan, Annabelle, and Milo showed up. They sat down, not speaking.
"So, where's Mike and Cee then?" Hunter asked.
"Psh, probably making out," Ewan said.
The group nodded and waited for the two.

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