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Originally Posted by han sala View Post
Ever wonder why we haven't figured out how to run our cars on something else besides fossil fuels? The thing is, we have. For a while.

Hydrogen Powered:

Further info:

Air Powered:
Well, the there are several things that pop-uo into my head. One, they are too expensive for everyone. I will explain a little bit more of that later on in my post. Second, there is the factor of it being unpractical.

Unpractical-- I have a large family myself (currently 6 people) and something that small is unpractical for large families. I really don't think that there is much more to say other than this.

Expensive-- As I said, it is unpractical, for large families. Lets assume that my family members are all of legal driving age and each get one of these vehicles lets say for $15,000. That is $90,000 just right there! Way too expensive. I wish that they were much less. :/


One of my more recent teachers told us that he thinks that the hydrogen engine is already been made. But the companies have paid them off...

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