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"Was that supposed to insult me?" Kallic whispered back rather flatly, not really caring about what Rogue called him, because Kallic knew that Geth never took prisoners, so Salarians never made, "better slaves", or whatever it was Rogue had said to him earlier.

But something Rogue didn't know was the speed at which his Omnitool, which he had kept active, had translated the binary speech, and though the conversations with the VI were disturbing at best, they were nothing to get worked up about, or show Shepard...for the moment.

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
"I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you...You are more precious than you know..."'s verbatim!-A quote from Darth Traya (Kreia)
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