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"VeriTech, eh?" mumbled Admiral Shepard, scratching her head for a moment. She had never been a fan of corporations, especially the ones that were well-known across several planets, but they kept her alive and in good armor. "I'm not their number-one customer, but then again I'd never want to be. I miss the old days, when I was still a military recruit and privacy and individual freedom hadn't gone the way of the late Saren. I guess we should head out after taking some long decontamination showers, from what 'Ona' told us."

Everyone else agreed, especially Lux Ixlee and Liara, and so they nodded and headed out of the Eden Prime Spaceport Reception Area, away from its green and unfriendly VI kiosk. However, out of the corner of her eye, Shepard saw something else that was green--green and tall, and quite muscular as well...

"It can't be true," she stammered, stopping in her tracks (but luckily out of everybody else's way so that they wouldn't collide with her backside again.) "Ne mozhet byt'!" She started walking, almost sprinting, toward the figure who appeared to be a Turian. The others followed, keeping up with their Admiral's frenzied pace even as they had no idea why she was in such a hurry. All except for Liara, who hoped and prayed to her Goddess it was...

"Garrus?" asked Shepard. "Garrus Vakarian? After all this time, is it really you?"
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