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Post Level Fluidity and Advancement

Now I got to thinking about the levels and how they will flow. The one thing I think is quite encumberant on Raven to ensure the first few levels are very interesting and immesive. One problem games have is often you dont see some of the better levels and interactive environment until late in the game. This will not only drive away curious newbies but often it significantly reduces replayability as no one wants to have to play through average levels to get to the exciting ones.

Also what I would like to see is:

--- Anti/altered Gravity in a level or a room or any combination there of. As I have stated elsewhere having saber battles in this environment would be very interesting.

--- Water. I know that this would not be new, but I never really liked the water in JK. It was annoying and you never really felt like it was water, as you do in newer games. Saber fighting in water could be fun if it was done better.

Choices, choices, choices
Now what dawned on me was whether or not we get to choose out path, as is pertinent to the force. At first I thought of this as a gimmick that was employed by LEC and rest assured in my mind that this would not be repeated. Raven would not sink so low. But then.. slowly I admit, and after reading a post by StormHammer I changed. Had I been wrong, the more I thought the more I thought yes. Having the ability to choose is not a gimmick, it is intrinsic to a Jedi, because a Jedi such as Kyle could stray at any time and be consumed by the dark side. It really is a "the choises we make" senario. Not only does it allow use to take up both roles (thus more gameplay) but it also makes us see consequences of our actions. After pondering this I begain to wonder, could Raven if they went this way, possibly have different levels for light and dark. The one thing that I never really liked was which ever path you took in JK youm played the same levels and had the same objectives (few exceptions). In and ideal world I would like to see a dar kjedi take a different level path to the end as apposed to a light one. I this were not possible due to time, effort or money, then at least have some different level between the two, and if this was not possible then the two should nearly always have different motives and mission objectives. Now I dont know what Raven are going to do on this front but I only hope that if one is able to choose his destiny it is different for each side.

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