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Chapter 4:
“We’re short on all-rounds…”

“In attention of all those who apply for recruitment:

The applications are made via completing the necessary papers and discussing to one of the officers. They will decide whether you participate at the recruitment tests or not.
The tests are held on 20th of July 21.051 A.F.R. They will take approximately 7 hours and will begin at 1300. There will be included a written test and a physical test.
The results will be posted at the Senate on 25th July.
Those who pass the tests will be recruited into V Company. V Company will receive a special training, which will last 9 standard months. The training will start on 14th of August.
The training will consist in...”

“Bah, too much to read! Can’t believe I applied for something I knew nothing about… Well, at least one thing is clear to me: I must be here at 1300…” declares Lirissian while reading the holo-poster.

__________________________________________________ _______________

1245. More then 500 people entering the main gate. Lirissian grows more nervous with every step he forges towards the big structure that lays ahead of him. Numerous thoughts invade his mind… Is he mentally prepared? Will he be apart of V company with all this competitions?
“Calm yourself! Relax, you will pass.” voices Lirissian trying to encourage himself.

In 15 minutes the written test begins. The questions vary from tech knowledge to general culture to mental issues. In total there were 68 questions. Lirissian encounters one question that has an unknown answer. He passes it, answers a couple more, then another question with unknown answer. Again, after 7 questions another one. He starts too panic…
“C’mon, Flaut! Don’t let this to take the best of you! You still have 3 hours.”
Two more hours pass and the scared boy reaches the final question, and answers it.
Then he looks at the clock: “Almost one more hour left. Better check those annoying barrages…”
The time is out. He answers to 61 questions.

“Please go in this room for the second part of the test!” announces one of the present officers.

The physical test was a bit easier. He scores a fraction above average at all exercises.
At the end, the officers direct the mass of people towards some small exits, where only one man can go at a time. But Lirissian observes some frames around the doors.
“Those must be the brand new midi-chlorians testers, invented by the Jedi Weapon-Master Bao-Dur.” claims the boy. “So that’s why this company is a ‘special’ one.”

__________________________________________________ _______________

“Hm… So we do have 25 squads. But there are 5 members, not 4.”
“Well, the more the better I say Colonel Rand!”
“Admiral Onasi, I think I already told you to call me Atton…”
“Atton, I think I already told you to call me Carth. But let’s get serious. So instead of 100 soldiers, we have 125… Why?”
“124 to be exact…”
“Why is that?”
“Well, for the first question, there were too many good weapon-specs. It would’ve been a waste to throw them. And for the second, we’re short on all-rounds. We have only 24, not 25… We have no all-round for the first squad. None of them reached the high standards of the best squad.”
“Who is in the first squad?”
“Well, the war-specialist violets are Merril and Ulgo, the tech-expert violet is Lafter and the support-scout violet is Vasta.”
“Well, let’s have a look on the list, e will find someone…”
Atton reveals some sort of a catalog. He opens at the first page… Someone opens the door and rushes in:
“Admiral, I have news about the battles on Onderon.”
“Well, lets hear them, Lt. Fent!”
“Near the town of...” Silence…
“What’s the matter Lt.?” But no answer is given. The lt. hooks his sight on the first page of the catalog.
“You seem to know this boy, eh Fent?”
“Actually, Fent is the one who approved this boys application” clears Atton.
“But is more then that…” replies the Fent. “I also recruited this boy while I was one of the Onderon Underground Resistance leader. He proved under me to be am excellent soldier, very disciplined… and very lucky. But it seems he forgot me...”
“So he has some military background.”
“More then that. As written in his application, he was recruited by Trask Ulgo in the Republic Rangers, when The Republic got on Onderon. That was more then 2 years ago.”
“So…” starts Carth. “Would you recommend his recruitment in this company?”

*Note: Chapter 8 is out!*
[Fic] The war of the ancients, seen through the eyes of one young men, as he walks the road of destiny... The Triumvirates War

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