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Some really good points there, Syndrix and En Taro Taldarin.

I agree that it would be good to have a few different levels for Light and Dark - the problem is that they have said JKII will not have a Light/Dark decision tree - so how could they judge if you are Dark or Light in order to change the levels accordingly?

I sincerely hope they can be persuaded to put the decision-tree back in, and let us play Light side or Dark side, as in JK. It certainly seems to me that it is well within their capabilities, after seeing that extra video footage. For three months work, they've got some really advanced stuff going already. If anything, I now believe they can easily hit their development deadline and ship an excellent game.

That being said, how hard would it be to put the decision-tree back in there?

I think having a good flow, like Half-Life, is pretty much essential. If you think about it, JK almost had that on the Nar Shadaa and Baron's Hed levels. As I recall, Baron's Hed was originally going to be just one seamless level, but it got so big they had to split it into two.

To be honest, I don't really notice the loading in Half-Life now (an Athlon T-Bird 850 with GeForce 256 and 256Mb RAM does wonders ). So if they can do a similar job with JKII (if necessary), then it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Judging by that new video, though, that demo level Raven made looks a fair size, so I'm becoming more optimistic that JKII's levels aren't going to be cramped or too small.

Nevertheless, it would be nice if they could really achieve the size of the levels in JK, and have around 15 of them - just like JK had.

The other thing I would like to see in the levels are plenty of secret areas - and as someone else said in another thread, secrets the size of some of those in Dark Forces. The only thing I didn't like about DF was that it didn't give you a tally of secrets you'd found - so for all I know, I may not have found them all.

I agree that the water effects definitely need work - but I'm not sure the Q3 engine, even with modifications, can deliver realistic water. Only the most recent engines seem to be capturing some realistic water effects.

As for low or zero gravity areas, that's something I brought up a while ago - probably on another forum. I came up with a long drawn-out scenario of another falling ship - only this time it's a blasted vessel drifting in space that enters a planet's atmosphere. You've lost gravity, and you have to get to a Lifepod...or fry. The only problem is the raiders are aboard trying to kill you...and you have to guide some NPCs to safety before you get off the ship yourself. Of course, it would have to be another timed level... I know some people don't like those, but I thought they were great, challenging, annoying, curse-filled fun. I really had a sense of achievement after completing those levels on the Hard setting without cheating.

Does that make me a sucker for punishment?
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