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"Was that supposed to insult me?" Kallic whispered back rather flatly

Rogue was surprised by his remark for that was suppose to insult him. Rogue had to take into consideration he had been deactivated for two years and always brought any injured organic he faced in combat back as a prisoner which was quite odd for a Geth to do. They were on their way to clean themselves or something like that, Rogue was quite sure it was the same thing as getting oiled and polished except for organics. Instead of continuing on their path Shepard stopped and turned around and walked towards what looked like a Turian. Rogue confirmed the creature was a Turian when they got close enough to him. He hated turians, in fact he hated them more than he hated humans. He was glad Saren was dead he felt the geth should be able to think on their own not take orders from someone that wasn't geth. Rogue did tolerate and actually liked the other organic leader they had, Benezia T'Soni. She was much like Rogue in that she too was forced under Saren's rule. He had forgotten all about Benezia after being deactivated. He remembered actually talking to the Matriarch multiple times, well she just did the talking Rogue listened and would try to respond in binary. She knew Rogue was different perhaps she was some of the reason he was different. The only time they would talk was when she could break free from Saren's control but that was only for a few minutes. His train of thought was broken by Liara.

"An old comrade,"

It was then he remembered his last conversation with Benezia, it was about her daughter...Liara. He played back the memory in his head and tried to remember what she had last said to him.

"Oh its you again... I need a favor from you. My daughter Liara... she's not on the same side as us. I doubt you'll live that long to see her, but if you do be the one to finish her and make sure she doesn't suffer."

Rogue was no longer part of the geth and was on the same side as Liara. Killing her did not make sense at this point but he still wanted to honour Benezia's request. Under the Kill Shepard goal in his brain he inserted a second one... Protect the Matriarch's daughter. He now faced Liara and bent down on one knee and took her left hand.

"Daughter of Benezia, I shall make it my new goal to insure your safety and keep your mother's spirit going through you. Your mother helped me and now I will do the same."
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